Publish and Evaluate Onchain aims at creating a platform
for open scientific publication and interactive evaluation which uses the blockchain technology, namely the Steem blockchain.

White paper

Current model in its dysfunction


Journals put evaluation and selection into a 'blackbox' relying on only 2-4 secret prepublication peer reviews.

Private interests

Reviewers can pass unjustified harsh judgement or exaggerated praise due to personal competition or sympathy. The outcome is also influenced by business logic of profit maximizing private companies that charge high prices even in the age of the internet with low distribution costs.

Questionable effectiveness

Acceptance is subjective and may not reflect public evaluative evidence.

"Where incentive structures fail to deliver conditions that most academics believe are needed to best stimulate insights, these structures must be challenged and changed [...]."

Alternative approach

Empower scientists

Scientists are involved in designing an insight-oriented publishing and evaluation model.

No barriers

Free Access means greater readership, more involvement and thus better quality.

Ongoing evaluation

PEvO sets incentives for perpetual evaluation cycles contrary to the one-time peer-review.

Open Source

PEvO will be open source, allowing everyone to fork PEvO and set up a similar service with different algorithms.


Blockchain for Science

Benefits for all


More time for "real work". Gain reputation by doing science, not marketing. Reduced publishing costs. Get access to and make use of relevant literature.


Culture of creativity, communicationand transparency. Systemized, decentralized, cost-efficient data storage. No more memberships or subscriptions.


Overcome exclusivity of knowledge. Increased quality and topicality. No more price barriers or paywalls.